Hey Babes!

We gave y’all the goods on everything skin in last months blog.
As promised, we’re talking all about hair today...Wedding hair prep 101!

Every bride wants their mane to look it’s absolute best when walking down the aisle.
We want to guarantee it will!

Often, brides want to add a pop of color to their hair and we’re all for it.
Since adding dimension to hair color will enhance any hair style.
We do however *highly* recommend talking this over with your colorist and taking their expert opinion.
You will want to start a color change AT LEAST 6 months before saying “I DO”! This allows time to get used to it + any formula tweaking that may be needed.

Scheduling routine cuts with your stylist are key! You want to make sure your ends are as fresh as possible. Unruly, split ends can result in your desired hairstyle looking less polished and can even interfere with the finished look. Certain wedding hairstyles require less/more layering depending on the look desired.
These are all notes to take into consideration when choosing your day of style, as you may have to grow out some inches, etc.

Hey girl, extensions are our best friend too!
So no worries if ya need some extra hairs!

Always remember, great hair goes beyond sitting in the salon chair. Using the proper shampoo, conditioner + of course everyday styling products, heat protectors, all play a part in the healthiness of it.
Just how we all love to mask our faces , be sure to show love to your mane as well!

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