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In the mix of getting all your wedding planning done, some major beauty needs are often left out. We’re here to break it down for you in our 2 part blog : SKIN + HAIR

Nikki Nicholson of SpaDerma [West Loop] gave us details too good so today we’re talking all skin. You can catch the second half where we talk hair in the next RING POP FILE ! 

Lets get into it …. Skin is IN.  Who doesn’t want flawless skin right? Especially when you’re a bride or groom to-be. Yes, you heard us men… this is for you too! We reached out to one of our favorite Chicago Pros Nikki for the goods! Don’t worry we will add all her info at the end… p.s. she’s included an irresistible offer for Three One Two brides

Following a daily at home skincare regimen is MOST important. 

 FACT: 60% of your skin results are going to come from what you’re doing at home + 40% from the treatment room. We understand with so many products out there it can get a bit overwhelming. The majority of medspas do offer a free consult to better tailor your skincare needs. SpaDerma in Chicago being one of them schedule yours today with Nikki! Depending on your skin issues and what you want to target, you may want to start treatments with your esthetician AT LEAST 6 months - 1 year before walking down the aisle.

We asked Nikki her favorite go to treatment(s) + basic at home skincare routine …

"Dermaplaning is my absolute favorite treatment for my brides - it is a treatment that removes dead skin and peach fuzz. Instant results! Glowing + smooth skin. Makeup goes on like BUTTER. Adding a Hydrafacial after getting dermaplaned will make you feel BEYOND clean and UBER hydrated. Hydrafacials slogan is “3 steps, 30 minutes, best skin of your life”. Their machine exfoliates, sucks out all of your excess oil and blackheads, infuses antioxidants + peptides into your skin. It’s the holy grail of the skincare game right now. 

Here is a basic routine that everyone should follow. If you are doing these steps and aren’t thrilled with your skin, time to find new products. What you are using probably doesn’t have enough active ingredients in it.



Vitamin C (I love SkinCeuticals CE FERULIC and SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum)






Correct (exfoliate, corrective serums, or retinol)

Moisturize "

Remember the exclusive offer for Three One Two brides???

If you call + book a consult with Nikki, you will receive $50 off a single treatment or package! 

YAYY for perfect skin!

Now go call ya girl Nikki …

Nikki Nicholson

Medical Esthetician + Laser Specialist 

SpaDerma West Loop

1048 W. Madison, Chicago

(773) 529-5277


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